Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Ruined Gopuram - Jean Arasanayagam

Somewhere lost landscape
White sands and palmyrah fronds
Freakishly black,
All evening the pyres burn
Beside the broken walls,
The ruined gopuram.
Caves darkened in the evening light,
The turquoise seas bright with morning sun
Dimmed and went black.
Unknown goddess, guardian
Of the freshwater spring
Is silent.

The Brahmin chants his
Pooja to the gods, camphor
And incense stream out
Of the stone door into the evening light.
On the shore, the ruined temple's
Silent bell is cracked,
Thickened ashes falling dead,
There are no bells
Left for mourning.


  1. This is simply venting out of frustrated Tamil racism that attempt to create a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka which could have really been done in Tamil Nadu in India. With all the assistance of GLOBAL VULTURES OF NEO COLONIALISM! All images of her poetry represent that frustration. This is Propagandist poetry.

  2. It can be identify The destruction of the war as The theme of this poem...

  3. As I think the poet tries to express the idea though there is a war against hindus in jaffna peninsula,there is no one to raise a voice against it.